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Get God on the phone

Godot, dans la pièce de Beckett, ne pointe pas le bout de son nez. Il laisse dans son nom mystère les langues de ses obligés débiter leurs passions sans les vivre. Ceux-là patientent, croix de bois, croix de fer, suspendus à l’enfer, dans un lieu sans qualité où même meurt l’attente. « Get God on the phone » raconte le quotidien de toutes celles et tous ceux que Godot a prévenu par texto. Il rentrera tard ce soir et commandera un diner froid.


Godot, in Samuel Beckett’s play, never shows up. He lets his very own mystery slip on the tongue of his believers and let them suffer all their passion. Those are waiting, crossing their heart, hoping to die, in a place without qualities where even expectations end up vanishing. « Get God on the phone » tells the story of those who weren’t left behind and got Godot’s text. He won’t come home tonight and will most probably order some dinner over the phone.

Text by Alexis Jakubowicz
Paris 2016


Gross domestic product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced in a period (quarterly or yearly).

In this showcase, GDP has taken another interpretation for the literal meaning, the Domestic Product becomes one that potentially can be found within our domicile while living in it or prior to it as a construction site.

With primary gestures these found and common construction materials are manipulated to create new forms and possibilities inspired by the building and other pillar of our society, in this case, religion and memorials.

By editing-in a basic function using a light bulb, the unusual assemblage of objects posing questions about the boarders of design and art in a back and forth manner, and suggesting other functions to increase the conversation such mentioned before.

The show is based on a commentary of the artist on social structures and corporations with architects, It will last at of Nazareth for one month and will be changing and transferring during this time by the artist.

Paris 2016


For Comme des Garçons. Pantin 2018
Night & Day photos

Venir Voir Venir - Lafayette Anticipations

An exhibition presented by the Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette.
"I like to portray my work in the fondation as a product of a dialogue between a monument and a living room.
During the five months as a resident, I developed a certain sensibility to what was there when I arrived and what felt like is about to disappear, I wanted to preserve the objects I saw, physically and mentally. On the small body of work made of lights, dust, marble and metal shelves I’m describing a sensation of time, and the remaining memories when time is over."
Paris 2014


Exhibition curated by Assi Joseph Meidan in a pre-construction site - soon to be an hotel on 243 Rue Saint Martin, 75003, Paris With works by: Lætitia Bech, Hélène Garcia ,Jérémy Piningre, Ludovic Sauvage and Assi Joseph Meidan.
Paris 2013